Dessert & Kids Recipes

Over 200+ Free Dessert & Kids recipes.

Do you like Making Desserts and Recipes for the Kids?

Than you are going to Love this App. This App has a collection of over 13 different type of recipe apps for desserts and recipes for kids that gives you access to over 200+ Free Recipes and an option to un-lock over 1500+ mouth watering and easy to make recipes!

In the App you will browse delicious recipes for:

* Desserts, Chocolates and Ice creams
* Cookies, Biscuits and Cheese Cakes
* Pies, Puddings, Jam and Candies
* Pizzas, Popcorn and Camping

Includes over 200+ Free recipes that include selection from:

* Jam Recipes
* Candies Recipes
* For Kids Recipes

The App also includes the following recipes (Requires Purchase):

* Desserts
* Chocolates
* Ice Creams
* Cheesecakes
* Cookies
* Puddings
* Candies
* Jam
* Bread & Biscuits
* Orange
* Apple
* Popcorn
* Pizza
* Camping

=> Complete App Features:

>> Beautiful Interface Design
>> 200+ Free Recipes!
>> Option to Un-Lock over 1500+ Recipes!
>> Easy Browsing of Recipes!
>> Add to Favorites
>> Share Recipe via SMS
>> Share Recipe via Email!
>> Share Recipe via Facebook!
>> Fast Loading Pages!
>> No Internet Connection Required!
>> Universal App (Works with iPod, iPad & iPhone)

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